Friday, June 20, 2008

Music @ workplace. Is it a Good idea?

Life today is full of stress and anxiety and especially in metropolitan cities situation is the worst. No need to explain, you can easily analyze when you are in hurry to reach the office thinking of some of your personal tensions and then the whole day hectic schedule where there is no time to relax and release your stress. On top of all, there is noise pollution, air pollution leading to a whole distress and discomfort. You really would want to figure out one way wherein you can relax even while working, completeting your daily work and yet being attentive. The answer that I can give you is listen to -Music!!!!!!!
Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries. In Victorian times, handloom weavers sang as they worked. It was not because they loved it ,apart from that, it was to keep themselves awake and pepped up.Railroad workers and farmers sang to relieve monotony and to stay alert to dangers.
If you ask me music in the workplace promotes positive mood, sense of team, improves alertness and can lessen the event of accidents. Music motivates workers, decreases boredom and leads to increased productivity perhaps because people work in time with the beat.
It may be any form of music but when you sit down for a moment, close down your eyes to listen, your heart rate and breathing slows down with your thoughts. As you get tuned to the music you get free of all the worries and concerns of the outer world and an inner journey begins. Within a couple of minutes, you will find yourself refreshed and renewed as if the sound has washed you and cleaned.
A lot of people find it as a biggest distraction, wherein they fear the loss of productivity. Which might be true in some cases, however, its been proved that music is a biggest stress buster. If you can't play it all over the office, it should be limited for an individual access.
But I still agree to one thing -If there is an objection from any employee, one must abandon the idea of having music. To begin playing music in the workplace without everyone's support will drive out those employees who didn't want it. Turnover is too expensive. Music isn't worth that much.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What makes Us Happy?

I've been thinking about happiness quite a bit lately. I know what makes me happy. And I was talking with a friend the other day who was struggling with defining what makes him happy. And you know what? I am not happy for a reason, because I think I do not need a reason be be happy. I can be happy because it rained, or because I thought of something from my past. There are things in life that can make me happy and I don't know it's going to. This is true for all people.I have often heard people saying something like "O Gawd, I hate this, I do not like that and I can never try experincing doing something like that ".....But you know what ?When we come across a situation wherein u end up doing it ,it makes you happy. i never liked pasta with Arabitta sauce, I tohught I would puke, but when I tasted it, I loved it !!!! And now I feel happy when I eat it and am eating it for the past 5 years now and can go on relishing it for another 15 yrs.
People (except for me ) confuse their happiness with their goals or what they want from their lives, partners, work, bosses and everyone around.Things that make people happy don't have to be life long goals or dreams or needs or wants.We can even be happy with the pebbles, early morning sunrise by the seashore,a smile on your kids face , a hot choco fudge, a nice rejuvienating spa........these things make me happy .
Happiness for me is the state of mind. A lot of us often percieve it to be the outcome of what we achieve and acquire,as I mentioned earlier. for example, you wanted a car for yourself and you got it .For the one complete month you were the happiest person, then what happened? The same sadness?
But for me Once you master the art of noticing, appreciating and consciously enjoying what you already have, then you will always be happy. I know most of you would not agree with me .
I am a firm believer of appreciating what we have and then then all our troubles become insignificant. Think of someone who is blind, do you ever appreciate your eyesight ? No, most of us do not . This is what happens when we start taking happenings in our life for granted and end up in cribbing and not enjoying what we have .
Happiness in true sense starts with the daily pleasures that we get out of our lives. We must start pinpointing things we are grateful for and even keep a count for them like your hands, your kids, your loving family, your work, people you are associated with.

My small things in life make me happy :freedom, love of life, being able to dream and to desire, to travel and to change, to evolve, to go to new places, to live a creative yet fulfilling life, to change the world or at least my little corner in it wherever that may be, to be a mother and a daughter and a sister and soon to be an aunt. Boulders.... even the boulders of happiness make me happy.